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Commercial or science - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Terry Pannkuk
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 6:01 AM
Subject: Commercial or Science?

This is the type of thing that raises my eyebrows:  the artistic 
representation of the Ankylos having perfectly flat bone with 
absolutely no crater or even slightly above the abutment connection 
versus the Astra placed into an osseous crater.  These are beautiful 
drawings but are these an Ankylos commercial?

I just simply want to see 5 year post treatment results to see if the 
bone still looks that way.  Enquiring minds want to know.   If this 
system can hold bone into the Morris taper slot gap like itís drawn, 
I'íll buy the system tomorrow and junk my Astra. -  Terry

Terry, Here is a 5 year post op of an Ankylos.
I think it looks like the drawing of Dr. Ciabanu.
Don't scrap your other system...that's not the point.  I just want to 
show you that these results are attainable. By the way, when you said 
you wonder if the system can hold the bone in the Morris taper slot...
you may have trouble finding the definition of's Morse taper
- Barry are putting too much weight on a graphic artists 
illustrations.  yes the graphic artist is talented, yes he is a dentist 
by training, but still illustrations are just that...illustrations.  
and these particular drawings we not done on behalf of the company 
(TDS) rather by an individual placing the fixtures.

If you want radiographic evidence of bone over the shoulder of an 
Ankylos implant, I can provide it.
If you want histological evidence of bone over the shoulder of an 
Ankylos implant, i can provide it.
If you want radiographic evidence of bone loss (cratering) around 
many other 'traditional' systems i can provide as well as refer you 
to a lot of lit which supports this. and yes there are 5 year post 
treatment results...gosh the implant system is older than NBC RS.

just about to jump on a plane to fly to the far off land of Edmonton 
(yes it snowed there yesterday) give a private teaching to another 
Ankylos my Kool-Aid and we will drink it together tomorrow.

a little tongue in cheek humour. - Dwayne

Start buying the Akylos set, you are going to be amazed!!
Met vriendelijke groeten, Jaap-Wim Spaargaren

Terry, this is not my case, it comes from Frankfurt University. This 
shows the bone levels with a distal cantilever on a severe bruxer after 
8 years. See how stable the bone has remained!!! I have been using it 
for over 5 years and the referrals have accepted the system pretty well, 
even though they were use to another system. Trust me, you will
recommend the best treatment for endo and they do not question you 
because of your expertise and knowledge that it is the best option for 
the patient. Read the science and studies behind it, tell them to let
you place this type of implant for your patients and that you will make 
them familiar with the restorative aspects of it. I provide them
with a prosthetic kit so that they do not have to buy anything, once 
they uncover the first one and see how clean it is, the great tissue 
that they have around the implant and abutment, you will make them a 
believer. When I started many years ago I had the same opposition to the 
"NEW" system ( around since 1987 ), but if they trust you as I know they do,
it will work beautifully for you. If you want the system Victor Onwudiwe 
and he can send a rep to your area, he is on the forum. Good luck with 
everything my friend. - Jose

P.S. Do not throw your Astra implants away, put them on E-bay!!

Jose, just had a chance to see the x-ray. Indeed very nice long term result - but same result is achievable with systems as well as long as occlusion correctly managed. - Liviu Liviu, you are a 100% correct and I understand that by re-establishing the anterior guidance to help in the dis-occlussion of the posterior teeth you achieve this result, but what I have seen with other systems is that you still need the implant in slight under-occlusion to protect it and even still the screw sometimes comes loose. Frustrating, with the Morse taper connection I have not seen that happen. Thanks for your comments and expertise in this matter, hope to see you in Barcelona, take care my friend - Jose Jose, thank you very much. I have attached one of my cases for your information. Promise to look into the Ankylos system soon! :0) - Liviu

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