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Tight molar: boiler plate: cone - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - Photos courtesy of Kendel Garretson -
From: Kendel Garretson
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 12:08 PM
Subject: re:[roots] Two things

here are two "things" from yesterday.
No boilerplate here.
No cones either---all MR.
"Appropriate" is what's appropriate.

The molar was very tight, took time to open up.  I used LSX as an adjunct 
to get some deeper shape safely in the mesials only----I used them in this 
case to go where it felt appropriate, and tactile feedback dictated the depth
and size---I don't believe I went to length with any LSX and probably used 
3 instruments.   To me, these molar shapes do not reflect any use of LS in 
the classic sense---and it is definitely not an LSX prep as advocated by
Senia and Wildey.  I'm sure my shapes are too thin as judged by Randy and 
Dan and LSers.  So I can alienate both sides with ease.

Folks will talk about the apical size of their preparations, and not even 
define *where* in the system they are achieving such sizes.  It's just a 
circular unending debate.

Use whatever you want--there are many fine instruments out there ---just 
keep them attached to your brain. Unfortunately some days my brain cramps 
up. my 02cents - Kendel

Kendel, No alienation here, I wasn't there and didn't negotiate the canals and may not have been able to do any better than you did which by the way I think is quite acceptable. I have to laugh when people get judgmental about length and width of preparations when they didn't do the treatment or read the apex locator. Would I like to see a larger apical prep on the mesial of the molar, yes but maybe it wasn't possible in this case. You do great work!! Keep it up! - Randy ps: I'll be giving a LSX lecture to the endo residents at University of Florida on Monday and the AEGD residents in St. Petersburg on Wednesday. Charles will be there with 2 observers from Discus. Hopefully I can find out a little more about Discus endo marketing plan. Thanks Randy. I had hoped to get together with Charles and another Discus rep the other day but it wasn't meant to be--the pt. was not eager to cooperate either. I appreciate the input - Kendel

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