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From: Sachin Khattar
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 10:27 AM
Subject: [roots] C Shaped

Looks a C shaped canal ................tough coronal curvature and
lotsa hand filing to get through the coronal third initially. - Sachin

Sachin, not sure what you mean by "C-Shape", but the way I have seen the term used in texts/lit is in reference to the appearance of the pulp chamber when looking at the pulpal floor. The number of canals varies and the isthmus/fins are extensive, and portals of exit take on highly varied presentations. They are most common in second molars, not sure I have seen one in a first molar. If I come across an image I will post it. By the way, nice case! - KendelG Hi Kendel, All these days I was under the impression that a C shaped is a canal shaped like a C.............coronal as well as apical curvature but now that you have clarified that it is the pulp chamber I guess I will have to find a suitable nomenclature ..........:-) - Sachin Sachin, you must have a mistake. C-Shaped canal is a canal that looks like the letter C. It has one big isthmus connecting mesial and distal canals together. There are 3 different types, but I will not bother you with that. I enclose a picture of how C-Shaped canal looks:

Btw C-Shaped canals are mainly found in lower second molars. You can spot them if you see the distal canal is not centred, usually too mesial. Also the roots are not divergent. In some population this anatomy is very frequent (asian). Nice case, but probably not C-shaped at all.- Thomas Thomas , I was under the impression that C shaped is the canal that looks like a letter C but as Kendel and you have pointed out that its the pulpal floor anatomy that is in a C shape .............I feel like a fool now ...........................:-). It was never a C shaped ............... just that it was curved.The learning never ends - Sachin

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