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Canal projection of the day - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: antonis
Sent: Friday, November 12, 2010 9:35 PM
Subject: [roots] Canal projection of the day

Maxillary premolar retreatment in 1 visit. Asymptomatic. Crown removed 
in one piece.Distal caries removal and canals elongated with composite. 
Instead of canal projectors I used capillary tipsfrom ultradent that 
were cut to fit the canals (as posted on roots some months ago). 
Irrigation protocol includes 6% NaOCl with surface modifiers ( Vista), 
PUI with irrisafe, EDTA 17% (vista), PUI with irrisafe, Alcohol rinse 
and drying the canals. The canals were soaked with CHX-Endo 2% 
(Lege artis) for 4 min, Final rinse with sterile water. The RD wanted 
to do the rest of it (final composite built up + fiber glass post
and crown cementation). That’s the way it works in Greece!! This was 
my last case of this week and it took me 2 hours with most of the time 
irrigating and activating the irrigants. Gaining length in this case
was achieved using pre-bended D-finders 0.8 & 10 (same way as Rafael 
Michiels bypasses Broken Files) and a lot of EDTA rinse. In the 
beginning of my attempt to gain length the D-finders wouldn’t bind.
I used a Hero 642 20/0.6 by pressing it (pecking motion) for only about 
half mm and then like magic the precurved 0.8 D-finder found its way to 
the apex. I hope my sequence will help difficult ledged cases.
- Best Regards, Chaniotis M. Antonis

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