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Complex root canal anatomy demos

From: craig barrington
To: roots
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2012 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: [roots] The rationale of the proposed article

not sure i am following you but here goes.......

i had another clear tooth coming down the line but it screwed up. 
no joke. i tried something new. thought it would come out better 
but it came out worse....

so Ronald et al are going to be able to come up with better demo's 
of complex root canal anatomy that enclosed here's a 
blast from the past that i thought might be appropriate.....

what more can we say about a single file technique in the prescence 
of the complexity of the root canal anatomy than to show a single 
file broke in a mb1 of a root with a mb2 with two access points
that would have taken you to the canal exit?........ but ignorance 
prevails and the tooth failed. i can assure that this patient is 
still upset about the loss of this tooth and i can tell you
that she would be thrilled to have her tooth shown as the poster 
child result of when one over simplifies endodontics....

my .02....hope it at least helps in spirit if nothing else......
Craig Barrington

complex root canal anatomy

complex root canal anatomy

complex root canal anatomy

complex root canal anatomy

complex root canal anatomy

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