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Corrosion under a crown

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From: "ahmad tehrani"
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 9:41 AM
Subject: [roots] Corrosion under a crown

this is the only case I have on this lap top..
I need to take a break from jurisprudence .))

IP case with acute AP.
The existing crown was about 20 years old with recurrent caries
around the margins and patient was having spontaneous sharp
shooting pain exacerbated with cold. Instead of working through
a crown that eventually had to be replaced, I cut it out and
removed it. It was as dark those failing Ag point retreatment
cases. Nothing unusual or interesting except the huge thick pulp
stone ( page 3, 1st pic).

The distal canal started as two canals and merged..when i was
done it was ovoid shape...So I decided to use 2 posts to
accommodate the space.

But if I knew I was going to get a void, I would have used only
one or none. I hate these amateurish mistakes..(( - ahmad

nice case and nice documentation and 2 questions please. Why you place 2 posts in the D canal ? The PA radiograph show the files as patency files " Or negotiation files" am true or ? - Mohammed The files are orientation and working files. I always try to take an x-ray of files for standard of care and record keeping. 2 posts because there were 2 separate orifice in distal separated by a thin septum, but merged together. what do you do in these instances? - ahmad In these cases ahmed I just place on post to retain my core and i leave the other canal filled with G.P. as long as the champer will work as antirotational action biside retention. What do you think! - Mohammed

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