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Crazy case

From: Raf Michiels To: roots Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 12:44 AM Subject: Re: [roots] Crazy Case Hello Rooters, Here is a case I just finished this evening. Lower left first molar in 14y old boy. The referring dentist twisted a guttacondensor size 110 in the MB canal through the apex. In the ML canal there was a smaller guttacondensor fractured. The boy just finished orthodontics, so extraction was not an option. In the first visit I removed the big condensor. Then packed the MB canal with calciumhydroxide. In the second visit I tried to remove the small condensor , but was not able to get it out (probably because it had screwed itself partly beyond the apex). I also was not able to retrieve the guttapercha extending beyond the apex. I then packed both mesial canals with MTA apically and filled the rest with guttapercha and Topseal. Follow-up in 6 months. If the situation gets worse (there is a big chance, since the root is obviously cracked apically), then an apex resection of the mesial root is necessary. Currently there are no clinical complaints (there have never been any complaints during the entire treatment) - Raf fractured gutta condensor
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