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Crack-Internal Resorption

From: Terry Pannkuk
To: roots
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 11:55 PM
Subject: [roots] Crack-Internal Resorption

I see some of these cracked teeth also associated with resorption.  
In this case, there was a very small inconsequential pulp chamber 
floor internal resorptive defect - Terry

Crack-Internal Resorption

Crack-Internal Resorption

Crack-Internal Resorption Fantastic case! Amazing apical control. Did you see this crack line traveling thru the floor? What do you think about the prognosis? - Hongsheng The crack was limited to the crown and didnít go anywhere near the pulpal floor. It was basically to the level of the free gingiva only. That isnít a core, jus solid Cavit. The referring dentist insists on doing the cores - Terry Thank you, Dr.Pannkuk. I haven't seen that many cases with both resorption and cracking line. I am just wondering if it was the resorption weakened the tooth structure and caused the crack, or the cracking line start first and brings bacteria into pulp tissue, and caused the pulpal defensive response--odontoclast differentiation. What do you think? - Hongsheng I think chronic stimulation of the pulp , whether a crack, long standing caries, a previous pulp cap, chemical, trauma, etc. etc. has the potential to create dystrophic pulpal changes leading to this type of path. Pulp capping infuriates me because no one considers the long term, or subtle pulpal changes which complicate later treatment unnecessarily. Clinical endodontic treatment should be implemented by one who has a long-term astute perspective of what type of pathological progression their decision-making may, may not be committing the patient to during their lifetime - Terry

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