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Crown preparation

From: cbarrington To: ROOTS Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 12:47 AM Subject: [roots] a crown prep..... Thatís it...Radiosurg was used on the gums - Craig

Great photo! That one jumped out at me :) I'll show Cliff - Phyllis Since he is an endo guy..remind him that a crown prep is where you grind the tooth down so that you can put a cap on the tooth!...... KIDDING!!!!! - Craig PS thanks!!! Nice prep. I tend to be a bit more aggressive the older I get. Guy Nice prep Craig and yes Guy, the more you use a scope for restorative the more conservative your preps become. This was gold right Craig? - Glenn Nope.....porcelain...... I have been doing these for about 4 years now and the lab handles the minimal reduction just fine and the crowns come out looking awesome..... I have talked to the lab and they don't see it as a problem....IE: they have not asked for more reduction..... Again, the crowns look awesome in the mouth... craig..... Dude, you are just going to have to take my word for it that they don't come out bulky or over contoured..... If you can empathize with my lack of energy towards the cause and accept this VERY VERY similar case in it's place, it would please me greatly.... It is an upper first premolar prepped the same way as the one I just showed. The right photo is the before photo to the lab and the left photo with the bloody gums is the final restoration. I have xrays for the case, but they are not digitized at this time. Can you accept my word that the case is not over bulked or over contoured? The preps work my friend. They work............. And the blood is real in the photo.... :-)!...Craig

Ah, letís qualify that. Mark and I have NOT advocated a feather edge on any all ceramic restoration including wolceram for some time now. Apparently glidewell heard us, as they are no longer recommending it either. Shoulder it or deep chamfer it, but get some bulk at the margins - gary No ceramic material currently on the market is as strong as cast metal. None. Not all ceramic on the market currently has the tensile strength of metal. None. Wolceram is one of the strongest of the ceramic materials, but taking it to a knife edge finish leaves to little material and there have been some issues with fracture under load (flexure). We will not allow anyone in our current scanner beta testing, for instance, use anything less than a deep chamfer on an all ceramic unit. I have been using wolceram for about 3 years now, and it is a great material. But Iíve never sent my lab anything less than a full chamfer, and most of the time a full shoulder of 1-11/2 mm thickness. The other issues are plain and simple aesthetics. You handicap your lab man severely with a knife edge finish, as the only way he can do the case is to overcontour the ceramic, potentially leading to perio issues. Glidewell in the u.s. for a short time had the exclusive on wolceram, and advocated anything will fly. They are also the largest lab in the world. Although the material as greg mentioned is still listed on the website as being doable with any finish line, privately they are saying something else - gary

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