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Cracked tooth and crown preparation

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From: craig barrington
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 9:31 PM
Subject: [roots] crown prep - Seiler Evolution xR6

a cracked tooth with a conservative crown prep. - Craig Barrington

Man I love your crown preps. What do you use for your marginal finishing. I cannot get the uniformity of shoulder/chamfer width that you achieve.- gary craig, for whatever reason you posts go in my junk file and having viewed your exquisite work that is a shame. Really nice stuff. What material did you use for the crown. Great case - Glenn Bravo Craig! - Liviu Steier Dear Craig, Gorgeous crown prep!! but it's the painter not the brush.......same as endo files..... there is no ideal instrument... use what works in your hands..... >> We all wish we were da Vinci. Still, certain brushes are designed for certain jobs, while other brushes are specifically designed (and have been shown to produce better results) for other jobs. << use what works in your hands..... >> Careful -- somebody here might interpret your phrase above as "'F' the science!" Talent can indeed overcome the selection of improper, inefficient or otherwise less than ideal instruments. But working harder than you have to is nothing for any of us to be proud of. One thing is certain -- if I was you, I wouldn't change a thing. - Pat thanks everyone! the restoration will be a conventional porcelain bonded to metal crown. i am too lazy to change burs a bunch, so i usually "finish" with the same but I start with. i use AXIS turbo diamonds......probably the most aggressive bur on the market. to finish, i do run the high speed handpiece ultra slow with no water in a light brush stroke fashion but it's the painter not the brush...... .same as endo files..... there is no ideal instrument.... use what works in your hands..... Craig Seems you are a Michelangelo, - Thomas

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