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Classic Schilder Obturation Sequence - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Terry Pannkuk
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 12:07 PM
Subject: [roots] Classic Schilder Obturation Sequence

This is the only warm gp technique I know that has had polymer chemistry 
science reported in the literature supporting itís use.  Until someone 
attaches some real science to their technique, Iíll stick with this one.
Iím trying to get some sequence pictures of the Classic Schilder Technique 

The pictures show start to finish on the palatal canal and a deep shot 
of the final deepest pack of the two confluent MB canals (a two-handed 
pack was performed but I couldnít hold the mirror because I only have 
two hands.

1  Cone seared off and application of heat carrier (in this case 
   System B small plugger heated at 335 degrees C) for 3 seconds
2  #10 plugger applied for 8-10 seconds with constant condensation 
3  Rotated removal of plugger and indentation seen
4  Repeat heat carrier application same temp and time,
5  #9 plugger applied same way
   etc. etc.until deepest pack seen at 4mm from the RT.
- Terry

Great stuff Terry......I have just videotaped the YTHT (Yosi Thermohydraulic Technique) and will be making it into a 2 minute movie......... I will do the editing this weekend (probably Sunday). IT was an awesome video on a central. - Glenn

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