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C shaped premolar

From: Chaniotis Antonis To: roots Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 12:45 AM Subject: [roots] Retreatment or microsurgery Some of you might retreat this c-shaped premolar. Every decent endodontist in the room could remove the post and retreat. However you are going to miss the real problem. Its not rocket science, it's an apical crack. you stain it you remove it if possible, you retroprep the isthmus and fill it with MTA. I treat patients not the literature. Retreatment might deal with the biological factors however apical cracks can be visualized only surgical. Imagine retreat and place a new post core and crown leaving an apical crack there. Its not black or white, its critical thinking and its not the truck its the trucker. Some people got to join the real world endo. Everybody who is interested for the videos of the cases raise your hands and you are welcome to join the ride, follow ups included. Lurkers playing smart full of Bull Post a case and share your expertise for a change. I just hope my cases help you, inspire you and finally they make you raise the bar - Antonis Chaniotis C shaped premolar
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