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Curved MB canal

From: Raf Michiels
To: roots
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 7:21 PM
Subject: [roots] Curved MB canal

Just a case I finished this morning. A very curved MB canal. I was unable to 
locate an MB2 :( (which ruins a 6 month streak :p) The tooth was necrotic, 
but besides the curved MB canal was pretty straigthforward. Next week it is 
going to get a post/core by the dentist and it will get crowned.

Cleaning: NaOCl 5% + CA 10% + PUI
Shaping: Handfiles, Protaper S1, S2, F1 & Profile 30.06
Obturation: Resilon + RealSeal Sealer (some voids in the backfill though)
Temp: Cotton pellet, with some Permaflo Purple above it and some cavit above 
that, to top it off. The reason for this weird choice, was practical. I ran out 
of Fuji IX glass ionomer and my stock is located 100 meters further in another 
building - Rafaël

curved mb canal

curved mb canal Beautiful managed, Raf. Did you use the 30/06 in a full rotating motion? - Jörg Thx Jörg, Yes I did use a 30/06 in full rotating motion at 300rpm and 1,5 Nm Torque. - Raf Wow, nm, i now know that i am a sissy. ;) - Jörg I was not afraid of the Profile, I was more afraid of the Protaper F1, this is the first rotary instrument that apically engages dentin, since the S1 and S2 mostly only shape the coronal part. But the step from a Protaper F1 (20.07) to a Profile 30.06) is not that big. Grtz, - Raf looks very fine to me raf, just wonder why you use a cotton pellet between sessions. i never do, i just close off the orifices with cavit and fill with glassionomere. i do so because the fibers of your cotton pellet might interfere with you temporary filling and thus cause leakage. besides that a cotton pallet is a great soil for regrowth of bacteria - sander Hi Sander, In 99% of the cases I also do not use a cotton pellet, but when I create postspace, I cannot put in a flowable or glassionomer, directly on the orifices. And besides that, I also want the guarantee, that it remains in there for max. 3-4 weeks. In this case, it is going to be replaced next week. But for all the other cases, I agree with you. - Raf as i said, between two sessions i allways close off he the orifices with a little cavit and on top of that i put glassionomere (ketac). but every second session i wonder why no manufacturer has come up with the idea to supply red or green coloured cavit and glassionomere. that would make live a lot easier in the second session - sander Ei Sander, I usually place a very thin layer of Obtura gutapercha under the Cavit instead of the cotton, in the second appontment will easily come out with your normal scaler. I don't like cotton for the same reasons that you said - Tot morgen What a case Raphael. - Sergio Thanks for posting raf. Inspiring as always. May I ask, other than troughing and magnification, did you use any other methods for trying to locate MB2. What instruments did you use to trough? Nik Hi Nik, I use LN burs from Maillefer first. Most of the time this allows me to locate the MB2. In this case it didn't. So I troughed with US (Pro-Ultra Tips) combined with NaOCl and EDTA rinses. Eventually I gave up, I did see the 'dentin road map', but never was able to even stick a Micro-Opener in something 'softer' than the surrounding dentin - Rafaël

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