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Rubber dam isolation and eversion - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: "Bill Seddon"
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 3:18 AM
Subject: [roots] dam abuse

Case yesterday,  pulls together much of the current discussions.

Dentatus screws and core in build it placed.  Then the referring doc
took the rad.  Yep,  in that order.  Noticed disease,  decided to do
something.  Thankfully the work on the rest of the mouth has been
postponed,  there are multiple crowns to be done for aesthetic reasons.

Rubber dam isolation and eversion,  showing the air being blown to help
tuck the rubber around the teeth and seal.  A decent amount of dam is
needed between the holes to enable the papilla to be covered properly.
temp crown removed,  when the dam was everted without clamp it wanted to
ride up a bit,  so I [laced a Brinker clamp.  I could have placed
retraction cord also.  No oraseal used,  and perfect isolation for the 1
hour it took to dismantle this case.  I used ultrasonics,  and 4 litres
of water to get these out.  The build it had certainly stuck well in here!

I shall be building up a core myself next time,  and putting in the
margins also. -  Bill

Bill, I use FlexiFlange posts in canals treated with calcium hydroxide to retain temp build ups and old crowns. They are great for that as long as you make the post hole a tiny bit larger than the included drill. You can do that with a Gates. When you get ready to treat the tooth you just get down to the posts, screw them out and do your endo and real build up. Guy NICE BILL NICE!!!!!!..... That is the "poster child" for how to handle/isolate these cases!!!....Brinkers at their finest!!!! - Craig Bill, Over the top. (Translation--above and beyond the call of duty) Do the crown prep, and clean up that overhanging alloy!!!! :-))) - John A Khademy Hi Bill ! SO nice pics and isolation technique !!! It's just so great ! I love doing dam eversion but I never used air..I should try this when I'll get the chance.... DO you see a lot of Dentatus screws in UK ? They are also very popular in Romania. How are they cemented there, zinc-phosphat cement or what ? Nice care for the patient... - Roberto Roberto, the air makes all the difference with the dam. Dries the tooth, and lets the dam stay where you want it. Yes we see quite a lot of dentatus screws, these were cemented with Build It Fr dual cure composite, and it was bonded :-( Depends on the dentist as to what they are in with. - Bill

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