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Dangerous anatomy

From: Terry Pannkuk
To: roots
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 2:19 AM
Subject: [roots] Dangerous Anatomy Requiring a Compromise

Sometimes you have to compromise the coronal flaring.  Here'ís a tooth 
with a very narrow coronal third mesial root which I just finished a 
few moments ago.  I was able to get a .06 cone with an uncut 20 sized 
tip to the RT after some nudging but it was a tough one.  If you push 
on the files and try to force the shape youíll perf.  If you just let 
the natural dentin resistance guide you through the cleaning and shaping 
process with passive recapitulations, you get an intuitive sense
when to stop before overdoing it and perfing.  I can almost sense 
when I'ím about to file into predentin; thatís obviously a good place to stop.

This patient was referred to me from out of town so I always do the 
core in that case

Hopefully the month of CH and the multiple small file recapitulations 
will have cleaned the narrow apical prep of the MB enough to push the 
outcome toward success.  If you are relaxed and confident
when you treat these types of cases, you wonít have problems. 
If you'íre agitated, nervous, an goal-oriented about getting to the apex
quickly, it will be a disaster.   I didnít have any
patients after this one before lunch, so there was no stress - Terry

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