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  			3A Dental Company, Delhi
			3M Dental Products, Bangalore-Chennai
			A-Dec International Inc. USA
			A-Dent, Mumbai
			A K Instruments, Mumbai
			Advanced Bio-tech Products (P) Ltd., Chennai
			ALB Care Systems, New Delhi
			Alarsin, Mumbai
			Amazon Consultant Engineers, Delhi
			Amrit Chemicals & Minerals Agency, Chandigarh
			Anand Medi Products (P) Ltd, New Delhi
			Anand Medicaids Private Limited, New Delhi
			Antrix Hygiene Ltd., Mumbai
			Anup General Agencies, Davangere
			Appadent, Chennai
			Arco Consultancy Services (P) Ltd., New Delhi
			Aristo Corporation, Pune
			Asian Acrylates, Mumbai
			Asian Dental Crafts, Bangalore
			Astra-IDL Limited, Bangalore
			Associated Dental (I) Pvt Ltd, Pune
			Associated Dental & Medical Supply Co, Mumbai
			Atul Dental Products, New Delhi
			Aurang Dental & Surgicals, Aurangabad
			Auro Dental & Surgicals,Pondicherry
			Avco Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
			Aypee General Agencies, Calicut
			Balaji Surgicals, Chennai
			Bangalore Dental Corporation, Bangalore
			Bashaw Enterprises, Jammu & Kashmir
			Bensors Surgico, New Delhi
			Bestodent, New Delhi
			Best Sales Dental Agencies, New Delhi
			Biohorizons India Implant Systems, Mumbai
			Biotech Agencies, New Delhi
			Biotech Corporation, Chennai
			Birla 3M Ltd., Bangalore
			Bisco Inc, USA
			Bombay Dental Depot, Mumbai
			Cadila Health Care, Ahmedabad-Bangalore
			Caprisons, Mumbai
			Caredent India, New Delhi
			Casil Health Product Ltd, Ahmedabad
			Chema Dent, Mumbai
			Chesa Enterprises, Bangalore
			Chowdhury Brothers, Calcutta
			Climax Dental Depot., Indore
			Clinix International Medical System, Bangalore
			Cochin Gloves P Ltd., Bangalore
			Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd., Mumbai
			Confident Dental Equipments Ltd., Bangalore
			Crown Dentals, Delhi
			DCL Dencare (India) Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
			De Tax Dental Products, Delhi
			Densur Sales, Jammu
			Dentpro, Chandigarh
			Dent Sales, Kottayam
			Dental Equips, Alleppey
			Dental Impex, Punjab
			Dental India, Mumbai
			Dental Products of India Ltd, Mumbai
			Dental Technologies (I) P Ltd, Mumbai
			Dentomed, Dehradun
			Dentsply, New Delhi
			Detax Dental Products, Delhi
			Deval Enterprise, Ahmedabad
			Dibya Industries (India), New Delhi
			Dr Bagadiya & Co., Nagpur
			Dr Dentist Inc, New Delhi
			Eagle Forgings Pvt Ltd, Delhi
			East Coast Surgicals, Pondicherry
			Electomack (India), New Delhi
    			Electrocare Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
			Emdin India Pvt. Ltd, Delhi
			Essenmed Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
			Essential Dental Products, New Delhi
			Essew Medical P Ltd, Mumbai
			Excel International, New Delhi
			Expert Emtex, Mumbai
			Export Dental Italia, Italy
			Federal Dental Industries Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
			Gillette Diversified Operations Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
 			Golden Nimbus India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
			Gomex X-Ray, New Delhi
			Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Mumbai
			Hema Dental Enterprises, Chennai
			Hi-Tech Dental Lab, Bangalore
			ICPA Health Products Pve. Ltd, Mumbai
			India Dent, Surat
			Indian Dental Surgical Company, New Delhi
			Indo Universal Traders, New Delhi
			Innodent India, Delhi
			Inter National Dental Systems, New Delhi
			International Surgico Medical Corp. New Delhi
			International Trading Corporation of India, Delhi
			Ivoclar A G, Liechtenstein
			J & J Surgicals, Trvandrum,Cochin, Calicut
			J L Morison (India) Ltd
			Jaypee General Agencies, Calicut
			Jullundur Surgical Works, New Delhi
			K S Mathur & Company, Delhi
			Kalabhai Karson Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
			Kanchan Dental & Surgicals, Ahmedabad
			Kavo Dental (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
			Kopran Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
			Kosua Enterprises, Mumbai
			Lekar Healthcare Ltd., Mumbai
			Life Care Inc, Mumbai
			M C S Dental Associates, Mumbai
			M D M Corporation, Delhi
			M S Surgicals, Chennai
			Madras Dental Innovations, Chennai
			Mahavir Minerals Ltd., (Dental Division), Mumbai
			Major Prodotti Dentari Spa, Italy
			Mayborn Electronics, Mumbai
			Maruthi Dental Supplies, Mumbai
			Masuk Dental Products P Ltd, Baroda
			Mathys India, New Delhi
			Mayborn Electronics, Mumbai
			Medica Instrument Mfg Co, Mumbai
			Meditech Engineering, Mumbai
			Meditronics MGG Co Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
			Mega Dent Company, New Mumbai
			Meghana & Co., Bangalore
			Mahendra Medicals P Ltd., Secunderabad
			Meta Dental Co Ltd., Korea
			Microselect, USA
			Millennium Marketing, Mumbai
			Mir Dental Systems, Pune
			Modern Impex, Ludhiana
			Modi Adhesives (Dental Products Division)
			Modular Dental Equipments, Bangalore
			N K Patel & Sons, Mumbai
			Namratha Enterprises, Bangalore
			The National Dental Depot, Indore
			Neo Dent Equipment, Bangalore
			New Tech Dental & Surgical equipments
			Novo Dental Products Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
			O N Mathur & Co, Delhi
			Omega Marketing , Bangalore
			Oral-B Division, Gillette Diversified Operations Ltd, New Delhi
			Ortho Care, Baroda, Mumbai
			P G Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Delhi
			Panacea Biotec Ltd, New Delhi
			Perfect Dental Equipments (P) Ltd, Lucknow
			Pharma Health Care Products, Mumbai
			Pioneer Dental, Mumbai
			Pradeep Dental, Bangalore
			Premier Dent International, Punjab
			Prime Dental Products Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
			Pure Health Products Pvt. Ltd., Pune
			Ready Stock - Medical Division
			R K Engineering Works, Delhi
			R S Associates, Mumbai
			Raman & Weil Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
			Ramen Research Products, Calcutta
			Ravi Dental Traders, Bangalore
			Recon Ltd, Bangalore
			Ruby dental (P) Ltd, Delhi
			S D S Kerr, USA
			S S White Dental Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
			Sakthi Chem Tech (I) Pvt Ltd, Pune
			Sambros (India) Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
			Samit Products, New Delhi
			Sandika Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
			Sarosh Corporation (India), New Delhi
			Satelec, Ahmedabad
			Sawbros International, New Delhi
			Septodont, New Delhi
			Seth Brothers & Co, Delhi
			Seth International Corporation, New Delhi
			Shah Dental Suppliers, New Delhi
			Shastry Brother, Bangalore
			Shimas Innovative Systems,Chennai
			Silva-Dent Products, Bangalore
			Shafab Trading Corporation,Jammu & Kashmir
			Smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Ltd, New Delhi
			Status Enterprises, Mumbai
			Suz-Dent (India) Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
			Suzynova Dental Pvt Ltd., Ahmedabad
			Siraj Surgical Enterprises, Chennai
			Syndicate Dental & Surgical Corp., Bangalore
			Tata Timkeen Ltd., Bihar
			Techno Dental Equipments Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
			The United Dental Supply Co., Bangalore
			The Chandigarh Dental Medical & Surgical Corpn, Chandigarh
			Timken India Ltd, Jamshedpur
			Tracom Services Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
			Trichur Dental Depot, Thrissur
			Trilok Dental Traders
			Unicorn Medident Pvt Ltd., New Delhi
			Unident Instruments India (P) Ltd, New Delhi
			Unik Dental Products, Delhi
			Union Dentals, New Delhi
			United Dental Supply Company, Bangalore
			Universal Multi Tech System, Delhi
			Vijai Dental Depot, Chennai
			VILLA INDIA, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai

			Warrenpharma Chemicals Ltd., Mumbai

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