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Debris in pulp chamber - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Jörg Schröder
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 12:43 PM
Subject: [roots] The real World

This is a case, which shows me, where I am living!

Referral asked for treatment of 36 which has been making problems since
"obturation" 1,5 years ago. When I saw the Pt. the first time, 37 was
very sensitive to percussion With the air-water-syringe, the existing
gold-onlay could be removed within 1 second!!

A lot of debris in the pulp chamber. After irrigation I placed CaOH2 and
IRM on top of it. On the x-ray there has been a nice gift from previous
treatment left behind. Pt. did not know about SS-Root-enforcement!!

I called the referral to tell her about my findings and she got upset.
The "order" has been treating 36 and 37 is not the issue!  I told her
that as long as Pt. sits on my chair with a hurting tooth,
I treat the Pt. my way.

Although we had that discussion pt. came for retreatment!!

Merging mesial canals and a resorption on the distal, which I could see
through the scope. I could see the oblique shape of the foramen.

2. visit obturation. Mesials with GP and AH26, MTA on the distal, because
I was afraid of overextend "some" GP. Made a Conefit-X-ray to "confirm"
my EFL readings, which always showed the position of the mastercone in
the distal. Looks short, but this is due to the oblique resorption.

Adhesive buildup with a customized DT Light Post to reduce shrinkage
of composit - Jörg Schröder

Nice, Jorg. How large was the POE on that distal canal? Too large for a master cone I assume - Guy

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