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Lesion on the D root

From: "Christoph Kaaden" To: "ROOTS" Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 8:22 PM Subject: Deep splittin`C _ was Re: [roots] No cases being done Here's a case I finish yesterday. I actually had to prep pretty far down apically before the main canals could be identified... fire on ;-) - Chris PS: First Molar also needs attention as well as the perio situation

Chris, "First Molar also needs attention as well as the perio situation" Seems like it's also "growing" a lesion on the D root. Also it looks like they didn't remove the temp filling from under the amalgam (or filled with ZOE like they do here). The 7'th is extremely well done, congrats - I know this is hard. How did you fill the isthmus so nicely ? (last time I did it I left a small void just at the most apical part - bummer) - Thomas Hi Thomas! I also believe that the first molar is showing an apical lesion and I told the patient. We'll see what happens. Both Endo and coronal restauration were done alio loco... Obturating the isthmus was indeed difficult.. one reason being that my Beefill-gun was blocking my view at the beginning. So I first applied a small portion of gp, did some compaction and than backfilled the rest... but overall I guess I must have been lucky the way it turned out ;-) - Christoph

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