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#9 Nec, #10 Vital :DFDBA
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From: John A. Khademi, DDS MS To: ROOTS Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 5:08 AM Subject: Re: [roots] Surgery on a Hell's Angel I posted this case on TDO a while back. Large, long standing, probable through-and-through lesion (yrs), palatal S/T. Told by NEE to have it removed when she saw him a couple years ago. #9 Nec, #10 Vital. I treatment planned endo and pack and whack on both teeth with DFDBA. I took a lot of heat on TDO for this on a variety of fronts. I asked for someone to prove me wrong...i.e. that this was not necessary. I got one recall radiograph from a 10 year old case from all the gurus on TDO...I think from Carr himself... Everyone had an opinion, but no one had the cases to support their opinion. Kinda like I've been saying all along... So I don't have any "scar" cases because I graft these case types. Why is grafting this case type not just "a bad idea" but "a very bad idea?" I think squirting bleach forcefully into the periapical tissues is "a very bad idea." - John A Khademy

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