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Thermafil removal and deep retroprep

From: Marga Ree
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 6:38 PM
Subject: [roots] thermafil removal and deep retroprep

This was a difficult retroprep. There was Thermafil in the canal, 
which was hard to remove, see rads, it took quite some time.  
My usual retrotips were too short, so I took out the surface lesion (SL)
tips by Spartan, I use them when the retroprep is longer than 4 mm. 
In particular SL 4A is very useful. Root-end filling of MTA.-  Marga

Thanks for sharing Marga. Excellent case. I have a couple of queries. 1. what size& type of sutures do you normally use? 2. type of needle which you recommend. 3. which flap retractor ? thanks in advance - Unni Thanks Unni. 1. what size& type of sutures do you normally use? Tevdek sutures 6-0 by SybronEndo, part number: 975-0056, see: 2. type of needle which you recommend.Tevdek sutures 6-0 by SybronEndo, see: 3. which flap retractor ? Rubinstein Flap retractor, see: - Marga Thanks Marga for the reply. Do you prefer 1:50,000 epinephrine when ever possible in surgical cases? The field was looking great!.- Unni Yes, I always use 1:50,000 epinephrine - Marga REALLY NICE CASE MARGA!! HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO FILL PROPERLY ALL THE RETROPREP? HOW MANY MILLIMITERS DEPTH? DID YOU FILL IT ALL WITH MTA OR GUTTA+MTA? WHAT KIND OF PLUGGERS DID YOU USE. PACKING LOOKS GREAT AND IT IS A RELLY LONG RETROPREP. THANKS FOR SHARE, JAVIER. Thanks Javier,I filled the whole retroprep with MTA, and used custom made pluggers and the surgical retro pluggers from Joey Dovgan. - Marga Hello Marga, Nice demonstration as usual. Thanks for sharing! Have you tried the new 3-6-9 retrotips developed by Bertrand Khayat? I can't find them on the net right now but they should be available (Satelec - Acteongroup). With these you can retroprep up to 9mm! They work great, definitely worth a try. How long did it take to place these 15 microsutures? - Maarten Thanks Maarten, I know the 3-6-9 retrotips by Satelec, and tried them on an extracted tooth. They are specially designed for deep retropreps. Hmm, hard to say how long the sutures took me, I usually spend quite a bit of time on suturing, I do this through the scope. In general, I schedule 60-90 minutes for a surgical procedure, depending of the complexity of the procedure. - Marga Hi Marga,I am interested in the manikins that you use for your surgery course. Can you show a picture of them and tell me where you got them? - Fred

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