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From Dr. Paul Keyes, I would not recommend rinsing with peroxide. The action is too superficial . I have never seen a black tongue. If it occurs the patient is not cleaning his/her tongue properly. For my full mouth self-care I start with irrigation, treat my teeth and then brush my tongue carefully. I check my tongue every day. Occasionally I remove the coating with an inverted spoon or a tight piece of dental floss. Then I brush it with peroxide and soda or peroxide and vinegar. Believe me it is a nice clean pink when I finish. A black tongue is an unclean neglected tongue!!!!!!

 Scanning Electron Microscopy Study Confirms Effectiveness of Perio  Protect Method

D.C. Keller, Perio Protect LLC, St. Louis, MO, USA; B. Costerton, USC School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, CA, USA; C. Schaudinn, USC School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, CA, USA; P. Sedghizadeh, USC School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, CA, USA; G.S. Keller, Keller Professional Group P.C., St. Louis, MO, USA

Perio Protect LLC is consulting with one of the world’s leading microbiologists to use scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to complete cellular evaluations to determine the effects of the Perio Protect Method on the infection causing subgingival biofilm.

METHOD: Flexible polycarbonate carriers were placed into two 6 mm pockets and one 5mm pocket for 2 days allowing the subgingival biofilm to colonize the carrier. Carriers were inserted before and during treatment using the Perio Tray with Perio Gel and Sumycin and subsequently examined by SEM at different time intervals and bacterial counts were completed (Schaudinn and Costerton).

RESULTS: Cell analysis before treatment with the Perio Protect system determined the pocket ecosystem consisted of large numbers of fusiform-like bacteria, cocci-like, short rods and in one pocket, treponema-like. After two days using the Perio Tray most of the fusiform bacteria and treponema had disappeared. After 17 days there were less than .02% of the periopathogenic bacteria (99.98: kill) and what remained were some cocci-like and pleomorphic rods that were visible next to large numbers of eukaryotic cells.

CONCLUSION: In this clinical case, the direct application of medication using the Perio Tray radically modifies the microbial ecosystem of periodontal pockets, so that only a few bacteria species and bacteria cells are capable of forming small colonies. SEM cell counts at 17 days determined that greater than 99.98% of the periopathogens were eradicated. The study confirms that the Perio Protect Method is effective in managing the microbial challenge by killing the periopathogens.

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