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Additional orifice in premolar #12 - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: Jason Joe
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 5:29 AM
Subject: [roots] Deep premolar splitting foramen

Our mutual friend, Gary Henkel, hooked me up with a Nikon camera for my Global G6 scope, 
and I've been able to use it more regularly. These are some preliminary photos that 
I've been taking with the camera.  Thanks to Gary and Fred Barnett 
(my Director here at at Einstein) for helping me getting the scope digital photography 
thing launched.  I was previously taking photos with my video capture program.

This case was a premolar #12, in which I found an additional orifice splitting midway 
down the canal after the initial downpack. Having Epiphany sealer coating the wall allows 
for a lot of light reflection and contrast down the canal wall.  The canal branched off
like an "h".  It joined in a common foramen, but I would not have picked up this bacterial 
cave hideaway without the scope.

Resilon obturation.  The fine line on the final PA near the post/Resilon interface is where 
this canal opened.  Restoration with Sybron peerless post and luxacore.  I did a rough crown 
prep for the GP, too, as a bonus.  2 mo recall in progress - Jason C Joe

Hi Jason.........Pretty darn nice case. Well done Jason. I hope to get out your way next spring (at Einstein) to do a course for the students on positioning the microscope and on digital documentation and photography as well.(Gary Henkel knows one heck of a lot by the way). This is a really nicely documented case and its tough to get light down to the level that you were with the deep split. Nicely done. - Glenn van As Glad to help Jason. Your work is excellent, and worthy of documenting and presenting. I see you’ve come back over to the bright side of the force and obturated with resilon! - gary Glenn, Thanks for your kind words. It would be great to have you down at Einstein to teach us endo neophytes how to use the scope. I don't know what Fred has planned, bu It would be especially neat for the 9 general practice residents to see how great restorative dentistry can be under the microscope - Jason Joe Hi Jason: I will get out there as I owe ALOT to Fred. He has been a friend, source of information, a cheerleader, and clinician/academic who in a kind manner always pushes you to challenge yourself. I really admire Fred for all he has given me and now its my turn to give back. Gotta run.....thanks for your very kind words and I will post a case or two for you in a day or two - Glenn

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