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Deep split : Warm vertical condensation
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From: Christoph Kaaden
Sent: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 3:10 am
Subject: [roots] Deep Split

Here's a retreatment case I initially underestimated...

instrumented to size 35.06 & 35.04; irrigation with NaOCl, EDTA & CHX,
warm  vertical GP&AH+; DT light post... Chris

nothing to comment as everything seems to be perfect,but i would like to know how do you retreat the cases-like do you use any soecial materials and instruments for retreatment? - Dr.kishore nallapati. I usually don't use any "special" instruments or solvents etc. to retreat a case like this. On this tooth I used Profile...Chris Nice case Christoph, glad to see that you are doing warm vertical condensation. - Jose Hi Chris Nicely done ...........How did you go about the obturation part. I have a similar case ( fresh case ) with and apical split and is due for obturation this Saturday and I am still clueless as to how am I going to go about with the obturation as I still am stuck with lateral condensation and don't have access to warm vertical gadgets. - Sachin

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