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Extensive carious lesion

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - Photos courtesy of Ahmad ; Guy-
From: Ahmad Tehrani
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 12:39 PM
Subject: [roots] just another day in the trenches

IP #29...Extensive carious lesion. One visit endo, Fiber post BU and temporization.
total treatment time: 3.5 hours.- Ahmad

Great Ahmad, what part of the procedure was the most difficult ? - Dr. Danny O'Keefe Hi Danny: may be peeling back layer after layer of caries to show him where the decay had penetrated the pulp and photographing all the steps. he thought he just needed a "filling"...Ahmad Ahmad, he needed lots of education and reassurance. Every dentist won't take the time as you did to involve the patient. Well done. - Dr. Danny O'Keefe Danny: I love documenting cases and explaining treatment. I do it with all my patients. But you have played this game longer than I have....isn't it amusing to you that a patient let his tooth for this long...??. to be decayed this badly.....and it is almost a front tooth. then hurt for couple of days... when it becomes intolerable they demand an appointment right away...but when they come in, It really doesn't hurt that bad today! and wants to know if you could fill it. The same patient who spontaneously become allergic to their saliva and have to spit every 30 seconds...and gag uncontrollably when applying topical EMLA because it is so nasty....and on and on. Of course they are my favorite patients and I really don't mind all the extra education and time I have to spend with them....Plus we categorize them as a T2 patient, which gives them special 20% surcharge over our usual fee...))) - Ahmad Sharp! - KendelG Very nice result Ahmad! What type of fiber posts do you use? Thank you! - Camil Thanks Camil and Kenny G. This particular post is from Parkell, called CI White post.- Ahmad Ahmad, you are very special in the way you think and act. Your description of this and patients in general is fun to read. So true and so tragic. "Allergic to their own saliva " I haven't heard that one before. I like the extra surcharge. I have become a little lazy. When I get a patient too difficult, I just put them to sleep. - - Dr. Danny O'Keefe Ahmad, another question that I hope I survive that also applies to a lot of other cases I see. You and I are GPs so we can actually go all the way to a restored tooth. Maybe it is a hangover or holdover from dental school but I always clamp the distal tooth and tie off the tooth being treated and the one mesial to it. That gives me more space to restore and, for me, easier radiographs. Just a question. - Guy W. Moorman, Jr. DDS
Really? - Ahmad
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