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 Emergency case

The opinions within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. Photos courtesy: Noemí Pascual - ROOTS

From: Noemí Pascual 
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 4:24 AM
Subject: [roots] emergency case

This patient come today with intense and continuos pain in 36 due to a 
caries and leaky  restoration. Vitality was possitive for cold. Palpation 
was normal but slighly sensitive  to percussion. No mobility and normal 
periodontal probing. The diagnosis was irreversible pulpitis.

Pulpotomy was done after obturation the distal face with Ketac Cem. 
It took me a lot of  time to obturate the distal face. I would like to 
know different tecniques and materials  that you use to do that???? 
I left a dry cotton and placed a temporal filling. What do you 
think about intracanal medicament used in pulpotomies???? 
After occlusal adjustment and analgesics - Noemí Pascual, 
Barcelona - Spain

Noemi, this would be a good case for the canal projectors, they help 
reinforce the coronal  while leaving access to each individual canal.  
helps seal coronally between appointments. I am a big believer in using 
CaOH (I like Vitapex but other brands are available too) between 
visits to kill bacteria in the canal and promote healing.  with the 
canal projectors after you place the CaOH (after instrumenting the canals) 
you shorten the projector coronally and stick it back in each canal then 
overlay with some cavit.  next visit you pop the spot of cavit off and 
insert a file into the projector and out it comes and your ready to work in 
the canal.  no cotton pellet needed.

I have no finanical interest in this product but have used it for about 
8 years - Gregori Kurtzman
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