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Emergency patient

From: "ahmad tehrani" To: "ROOTS" Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 8:28 AM Subject: [roots] Emergency patient RCT is 10 years has nice white lines. so what is the problem? - ahmad

Thermafill? - Vincent As an educator, I think yours is the best and truest answer. It's not the obturation material. It's the lack of understand of the disease process and the willingness to apply principles that would reverse and prevent that process. To date there is no evidence in the literature that any obturation method, improperly used, will result in a better result than Thermafil used improperly. When I was a practicing endodontist I swore with the same words, (under my breath of course), when re-treating schlock dentist's attempts at thermafilth AND guttapuke. I'd probably use the same words today as oaths against those who expect resilousy to perform to the level of properly used Resilon. Thermafil is a good obturation material if properly used. Those who say not, don't know how or don't care to use it. That's fine...they shouldn't. In my opinion, those who use it improperly doom their patient's dental health and are thieves on two counts, trust in the dental profession and money. The same can be said for those who consistently perform any other instrumentation and obturation technique with disregard to the principles of disease control and tooth preservation. There is nothing inherently disaster prone about the material itself. That distinction can't be said for the ignorant or careless dentist. Just as in flying an airplane, the great majority of problems are due to pilot error whether you are flying a J3 Cub or a Gulfstream 650. Each has an elegance. Both make scars in the ground and spread destruction with inattention to detail. Gee, what a sanctimonious grouch! - Grant bacteria - Marcos Dear Ahmad, There is coronal leakage (open margin on mesial ?). Also overfill can be a sign of bad seal - Thomas THE APICAL R.L IS EVIDENT...AT FIRST SIGHT LOOKS LIKE A NICE RCT... BUT TAKE A LOOK CLOSELY; ....SEEMS LIKE..... DISTAL OBTURATION IS PASSED 1 1/4 mm, ML CANAL HAS A SEPARATED INSTRUMENT... AND THERE IS ANOTHER ONE PULLED OUT OF THE CANAL.... BY THE WAY CROWN IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY.... I WOULD GO FOR EXPLORATORY CX AND APICO. - DR. ALEXANDER GARCIA J. Ahmad, 1. Coronal microleakage with, (Has the crown been off recently?) 2. Overextension, underfilled canals 3. Surely a missed distal canal 4. Possible missed mesial canal etc. But then, if the radiolucencies were larger a few years ago and the patient is without symptoms, some literature would say give it another 20 to 30 years, it may show radiographic healing. By the way say hello to my patient. I told them NEVER to let anyone xray this area again or something bad might happen. - Grant From: "ahmad tehrani" To: "ROOTS" Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 10:03 AM Subject: [roots] Emergency patient Part II the dreaded TF...probably canals were prepared to size 25 in less than 15 minutes, irrigated with saliva ( since her eyes got as big as saucer when she saw the rubber dam) and shoved a over heated size 30 TF to the apex...of course pushing all the bacteria out of the canals!.. these carriers were all stripped off the gutta percha apically providing no apical seal what so ever. Gary is right about "biofilms". when accessed the chamber, this tooth stunk so badly that we had to double mask, turn the fan on and reach for lemon scented bleach to get rid of the stench. No wonder Terry calls it Thermafith! on the bright side, it only took only about an hour to remove and clear the crime scene! I know it should take less according to the Hollywood video that removes these from an extracted tooth is less than 30 seconds, but that seldom holds true when teeth are still attached to some one's least in Texas....))) after 20 minutes of NaOCl, EDTA, CHX irrigation , packed it with CH, thick layer of cavit and composite to close the access for a while. then I got to thinking that some where, some one thinks s/he never has any failures....and they are probably right in their own mind....patient moves away, switch dentists , or simply gets the tooth extracted and implant "technically" they never have any failure...or when they become aware of it, they send it to Levin and instruct him to: "Just Fix It!" "clinical reality" is a subjective and loose - ahmad

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