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Endo cases

From: "Guy Moorman" To: "ROOTS" Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2009 8:36 PM Subject: [roots] Endo from Wednesday Could not get a decent radiograph on Meeks. This is actually #2 in the #3 slot. Never could see the apex well on a radiograph even enhanced on Adobe. Trusted the ZX totally. I have Adobe CS2 in my endo room on the computer. I'm sure I'm at the apex and patent on all of these canals but the unusual thing does not show up. The MB canal has two canals. They have a single orifice and separate about 2 mms down...filled both but could not get a decent radiograph due to zygoma. They had separate POE. 4 is a retreat done 13 months ago and I added a film of pre retreat. It is healing but not healed after 13 months. It is in sinus area so I'm saying it is healed.

Whitfield was a retreat of one of my old cases...gutta percha and Sealapex. Again, the processor sucks and will be cleaned Monday or heads will roll. I've got endo next week. I haven't had time to post a lot of endo...been gone and up to my eyeballs with Indians. Both cases were done with Twisted Files. Apexes sized with K3s. All canals were patent to a 20 K file. Obturation with Epiphany with System A. Meeks was self etch and Whitfield was done with self etch primer. It was a retreat and I wanted to cover my butt on that one. No calls from either. Everyone gets my cell number. Sorry about the crappy radiographs. I fear it makes the endo look worse than it is. :-)

A word on Twisted Files. I think implants might be the greatest advancement in dentistry in my lifetime. Adhesive dentistry might be next. New materials for C and B is amazing. But the new rotary files coming on the market are changing endodontics for me tremendously. Sybron Endo has hit a homerun with this file. Yes, there are others that do a fantastic job and I use them but not with the confidence that I do Twisted files. I don't worry a lot about straight line access...not all good but much as I used to. Strip perfs are gone from my worry list. ProTapers are amazing and I loved them but Twisted Files simply blow everything else away. I do not think they are a good file to learn rotary with. They are way too aggressive and if you let them out the apex a mess will be made. I pick a point 1-2 mms from the apex and hold on. Yes, you can continue to use a file with one flute unwound...sorry Bob and Kim...but you can and they'll continue to function perfectly. I've never broken one. I use them in a crown down manner which sometimes ends up with one file going to the apex but hold on. Beautiful file and I see more files coming out with this metal. They have to. Man does all this stuff make dentistry fun. Guy W. Moorman, Jr. DDS Guy, tremendous work and that was with lousy radiographs! do yourself a favor, get into digital, you will never look at a film again. By the way I already ordered the purple stuff - Jose I donít know how anyone practices without digital. We hold our osstem live surgeries at the office of one of the perio prosth guys, great guy but a dinosaur. We still use film, he pretty much knows how to turn his mac on. I go nuts standing around having docs waiting for check films during the procedures. I keep begging them to move them to my office, where we have digital and a cbct!!!!! - gary Iíve got a quick dip in the room and get a film in under 45 seconds. But if I want to enhance it, I have to digitalize it and load it in Adobe CS2.- Guy

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