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Endo or implant?

From: Terry Pannkuk To: ROOTS Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 6:31 AM Subject: [roots] Endo or Implant? This was a tough decision. Issues of isolation, type of core build-up, presence/extent/location of fracture, predicted quality of restoration, expectations of patient, etc. etc. factored into the "decision-to-treat" equation. - Terry

Terry excellent work. I was wondering, what was the material you used to aid isolation of the tooth? - Jonathan Plain ol' cheapo Dycal injected in a needle tip Centrix Syringe. It's better than any other isolation material I know. It's just strong enough to hold up during the entire treatment and easy enough to chip away at the end. Copper Band/Dycal technique. I'm a cheapskate so I like to find materials I don't have to pay much dough for. :):):) I gave this lecture in San Diego last November which had this posted case which I did last March. There are clearly cases where I insist on placing amalgam versus composite; if the patient is an amalgam-phobe and won't allow me to place it; I recommend extraction. A crown margin on amalgam has a chance of working out if subgingival, a crown on composite is a loser. - Terry Thanks for sharing the case and your pdf with us Terry! I've been using Cavit to do the same thing, but it's darned difficult to get out from the interproximal area after restoring if the margins are subgingival. Will definitely have to give the Dycal a go. As Jono said, very nice endo indeed. :o) - Vivian Terry, great case!! Will you be showing this case at District II? - Marga Thanks, I'm just trying to find representative cases from each type of "Dilemma Category" I get rare cases to fill in some dilemma categories, and too many filling up others. The dilemma category of "questionable restorability" is unfortunately my most populated category. :( - Terry June 10, 2013 Anand Kosandal commented on your post in FDI 2014, Facebook group endo is better & cheaper for pts..

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