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Calcium hydroxide as an interim dressing

From: DKGarretson To: ROOTS Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 3:14 AM Subject: [roots] endo therapy revision with recall Two visits, calcium hydroxide as an interim dressing. - Kendel

Kendel, great job! nice recall, great healing - Jose Beautiful job, kendel, but if someone does not build a fire under this guy about the absolute need to get rid of that 25 foot distal overhang you just wasted a lot of time and effort, as this WILL fail. I suspect you are now dealing with the no pain, no problem scenario. Damn Texan need to be edumucated! - gary Thanks Gary, so true. I gave the "protect your investment" speech, so we shall see, unfortunately he is ignoring other things too - Kendel Donít you love that? I just finished prepping a 3u bridge to replace a failing acrylic/gold cantilever off of one central on an elderly gentleman. One tooth posterior occlusion. What are you supposed to do? A number of years back ron Goldstein and I were talking about the compromised dentistry thing. His advice to me, was that I might as well do the dentistry, as one, youíll probably do it better than the guy down the street the patient will go to, 2. You might as well profit from it, and 3. Maybe, just maybe, youíll be able to motivate the patient toward more comprehensive care. But I still hate it. Good luck with it - gary

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