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Extraction and clearing

From: Bojidar Kafelov
Date: 2011/10/26
Subject: Not very clear failure

This is a case that I treated in the beginning of 2011. It was 
pretty much herodontics as I and the periodontologist - 
dr. Stanislava Shuleva wanted to save the tooth and we 
did everything that we can. Periodontal surgery was out of the 
question because the  patient has a history of cancer and we 
didn't want to perform any kind of surgery (as well as the patient). 
I ended up extracting the tooth 3 days ago. I wanted to see 
if the failure is from endodontic origin or not...Here is what 
I saw!

The clearing technique I learned from Craig Barrington (as you 
can see I'm not a great learner - I forgot the alcohol stage 
and mixed up a little the protocol). Thank you, Craig, for 
sharing the protocol a year ago! Now I'm officially into 
clearing teeth! And I love it...- Bojidar

Extraction and clearing teeth

Extraction and clearing teeth

Extraction and clearing teeth HA!!!....:-) it.... three days is not really long enough to do signifcant damage but NEVER soak a to be cleared tooth in any kind of foramlin OR naocl!!! messes up the process... as well........put that thing back in the acid for another 24 hours............then torch fuel 24 hours ethyl alcohol is better than everclear..... i've learned that...... that tooth still has potential to clear.......Craig Barrington Thank you, Craig, for the feedback! I use Ethanol 95%, but I completely missed that step. When I remembered I put the tooth in alcohol for about 6-8 hours and then I returned it to the methyl salicylate. I'm afraid that if I put the tooth again in the decalcifier it will change drastically its dimensions. I'll try to put it back in ethanol for another 24 hours and then back in the oil. That clearing is done just for 48-56 hours overall. - Bojidar

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