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Test paper for dental students - Nitrous Oxide Part 1

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Question Answer
What could occur if oil or grease are present?
What is the best prevention of oversedation?
What is Inspiratory Reserve Volume(3000m/l)?
How long should you give an o 2 flush?
What is the rule on any new patient on the initial visit should have?
What is a decreased heart rate?
What is cyanosis?
Define Direct Supervision?
What would be considered as severe hypoxia?
What is oropharyngeal obstruction by the tongue?
What is stage 2- Delirium or exitement?
The pressure of the gas remains at what PSI until the majority of the liquid is gone?
What is diffusion?
What is dyspnea?
What does the flowmeter measure?
A depression of the control center by a?
To be certified to monitor you should have?
What drugs are respiratory depressants?
What is Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Inhalation Conscious Sedation?
Define HYPERVENTILATION(Respiration Rate)?
What is hypoxia?
A patient who is sedated may have?
The gas flow is measured in?
What is Expired Reserve Volume(1100m/l)?
What will happen if a patient become hyper or excited?
What if a patient has bronchitis or bronchiolitis?
Personal Supervision
What do you do if nausea is detected?
What means would the reservoir bag be used for?
What are the classic triad signs?
What is aspiration?
What is the trachea? .
Explain gas exchange or respiratory system?
What is cortical (brain) stimulus?
What is tidal volume(500 m/l)?
What are some medical factors?
What if a patient has a increased heart rate(tachycardia) tachypnea, and cyanosis?
What is Cortical Stimulation?
What is the reservoir bag made of?
What size of reservoir bag is commonly used for an adult?
Define Hypoxia?
What size of reservoir bag is commonly used for an child?
What is a possibility of a weak or thready pulse
What should you do if a patient has an irregular rhythm in pre-treatment phase?
What is tachpnea?
If a patient has tubes in ears or PAIN IN THE EAR do to pressure in the middle ear you should?
Under OSHA guidelines, the accepted level of nitrous oxide in the dental opt should not exceed?
What should the monitor observe during post treatment phase?
How would you prevent diffusion hypoxia?
How does nitrous oxide work?
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