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Fractured Central Case Finished Today

From: Raf Michiels
To: roots
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2012 2:15 AM
Subject: [roots] Fractured Central Case Finished Today

Some time ago, I posted my clinical poster, which I showed on 
the ESE congress last year. I planned to treat the tooth later 
on in 2011, but when she returned the tooth tested vital
again, so I decided to sent her for a CbCT to have a better 
view. It was obvious that I had to treat the tooth, so earlier 
this year I started the treatment and today, I finished the case.

I put an apical MTA plug today, filled the tooth with a little 
guttapercha and then placed a fibre post and filled the rest of 
the cavity with a Core composite (DC).

This tooth does not have a good long-term prognosis, but I am 
pretty sure, the apical lesion will heal, so we will have good 
bone when she is an adult. She now is 10 years old. Maybe the
other option is extraction in function of orthodontic treatment, 
but since she is slow in changing her primary dentition, that 
might take a few more years. So for now, this is a good
situation and I hope she can enjoy it for a few more years.

I will follow her up in 1 year, if everything goes well, this 
might make a nice case report, in which I will explain the 
complete procedure into detail. Imagine that 2 years ago, they
would have followed the first advice, which was extraction. 
Then the kid would have no central incisor for the last two 
years. Grtz,- Raf

Fractured Central Case 

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

Fractured Central Case

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