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Two separate buccal canals

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From: Sashi Nallapati
Sent: 7 Nov 2008
Subject: [roots] Fun stuff

12 has two separate buccal canals
13 has two merging to one.
the buccal canal orifices for both 12,13 are on the pulpal floor.

Beautiful stuff, Sashi. Where have you been. Iíve seen this once in a full blooded Cherokee American Indian. Three roots on all lover molars. She claimed to be Creek but they were all Cherokee. - Guy Wow Sashi, Great job. Canal location seems easier with the scope, what about the cleaning and shaping? Does the direction of the entry of your file determine which canal you are in, since it is very difficult seeing thro the mirror and getting the file in? - Mahalaxmi under low magnification with changing mirror positions, cleaning and shaping through the scope is easy. use small mirrors that can fit into the space and rotate the mirror to the buccal and distal of the tooth . this will allow you to visualise the pulpal floor as well as the file with the stop in relation to the occlusal reference point. its skill that need to be developed.- Sashi i use the carr mirrors for mostly photograpghy and when i need lot of light deep into the canal . you can buy # 3 mirrors from schein for day to day stuff i file at the lowest mag. 2.5 in my global scope. 3 + in seiler and zeiss 5 step scopes. - sashi the merger is in the middle third of the root. why remove more dentin than you really have to? what purpose that serves except weakening the root? - sashi You are still the MASTER!! - Fred and i havent even shown these doubles yet (all from this year) ;-)) i could not get the silver point out from the mb of 12.. it was locked and kept disintegrating.. - Sashi Nallapati Sashi, Very nice work as usual. I can see you also left a fragment in the P canal that you skillfully bypassed bravo. What techniques do you use to remove those silver cones ? - Thomas thomas, I used every trick in the book 1. first a steiglitz 2. then a steiglitz with an ultrasonic on forceps. 3. then ultrasonic troughing around the point to create some space to loosen the tip 4. then tried to bypass the file with smaller files till i could get some purchase from headstroms to braid 5..then after exposing 3 mm or so of the coronal end i used a tube with resin in it to grab it 6. then go back to step 1 through 5 7. ultimately i used a munce bur to drill it out int eh palatal of 13. and still could not get any where with the one in MB of 12. the problem was the silver point s were really jammed into the narrow curved canal of Mb and was a firm fit. very long case with over 4 visits - Sashi

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