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furcal involvement
and/or root fracture

From: Gary L. Henkel D.D.S. M.A.G.D. To: ROOTS Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 2:16 AM Subject: [roots] ideas on what's going on here Diagnosticians: This 50 yo female presented today with +2 mobility of the crown on tooth #30. Hx of endo, obviously very short, in 2001, tooth was necrotic. No symptoms whatsoever for 7 years. Patient presents today with these rads, showing a circumferential radioluscency around the mesial root. Probes on mid mesial aspect of the tooth when approached from the lingual. Placed patient on analgesics, antibiotics , took tooth out of occlusion, and peridex rinse, and reappointed for next week to disassemble tooth. Iím concerned about furcal involvement and/or root fracture. Anyone have any other ideas - Gary

Gary, looks like a classic root fracture. My arm-chair dx. - Kendel Besides the obviuos instrumentation issues mentioned I'm betting on a perf and maybe a fx too - Arturo A perf failure after 7 years? - Gary no, maybe an original one. on the xray there appears to be a deep gray area in the furcation area. hard tol say without different angles - Arturo Gary, Possible seperted files in M roots, possible garden variety perio lesion - Dan Shalkey My initial rxn seeing that rad and reading your description is probably a fx. If the patient is willing to spend a few $ checking further, access and check it out internally at which point you can hopefully make a better assessment - Mark I have seen this "halo" like lesion in texts referred to as a "classic" fx lesion. Of course, in practice I have seen any number of lesion presentations on teeth with fractures, and certainly there is no way I would condemn a tooth because of a "look" on a rad alone. Gotta have all the info you can gather, inform the patient, and if they want, you can agree to exploratory procedures and fees - Kendel Thanks kendel. Thatís pretty much what I have advised the patient, telling her treatment may range from minor corrective procedures to extraction and implant - gary

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