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Geristore Resorption Repair

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 10:56 AM Subject: [roots] 1 1/2 month Geristore Resorption Repair Recall This is stated primarily as a demonstrable fact to make my earlier points although it seems to be taken as arrogant bragging by some around here: I have performed more of these cases than anyone I know. If someone has done more of these and has an insight I donít have, please show your cases with recalls. . This #26 tooth had excellent reattachment and healing at 1 Ĺ months. You can see the labial probing. (2mm was maximum pocket depth with firm probing creating a blanch. These are my observations having been doing these since the early 1990ís: 1. The Geristore tends to hold up beautifully. 2. The attachment is extraordinarily predictable even with the most massive root repairs (I wouldnít dream of using any material besides Geristore after consistently getting these results) 3. There is often slight bleeding when the probe is pushed but the attachment is very stable and solid. 4. When Iíve performed endo through the defect instead of through a conventional occlusal or lingual access, I'íve experienced no failures to date (n=8-10) Iím thinking of making Treatment of External Root Resorption the topic of a near future virtual presentation CE; if there is some interest amongst those of you who want to do this type of treatment, I'll set it up. Just email me. I like to keep the group small for better discussion. The last group discussion was fantastic and a perfect size for the ideal interaction amongst people who are interested in this.- Terry Geristore Resorption Repair

Geristore Resorption Repair

Geristore Resorption Repair

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