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From: Gilberto Debelian
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006 6:16 PM

1. pre molar where 2 canals have been
instrumented (5 years ago by a GP) and obturated (short). Post and crown.

Diagnosis: Asymptomatic apical periodontitis
Therapy: Apicoectomy
Xray: shows the mental foramen between 1.pre-molar and canine.

I am including the pictures taken during the surgical procedure where I was missing
the third canal. After preparing 2 canals and placing retrograde fillings I saw far
lingual an extra canal. With a straight ultrasonic tip from Satelec it was possible
to prepare the lingual canal and place the 3rd and final retrograde filling.
Thanks God the bleeding was well controlled. The final result is on the figure 3. 
and 4 - Gilberto  (ROOTS)

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