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Gold onlays : Empress inlay/onlay
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From: Brad Blair
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 7:50 PM

Gold onlays on first molars, Empress inlay/onlay on all 4 bicuspids.
- Brad

Brad, is the first premolar cracked on the mesial ridge ? Very nice documentation, can I see the preparation photos ? - Thomas Brad: Nicely done, but Iíve gotta ask. Why would you place full gold crowns on molars on a case where you place a ceramic onlay and placed aesthetic materials elsewhere. Seems to me the aesthetically oriented patient would have balked at that - gary Thanks Gary. Her choice. She wanted gold for durability on the molars. No way they would show, even if she tried. But, wanted "tooth colored" on the bicuspids and I couldn't see buzzing them all down for full crowns. If they want porcelain, I don't get into the whole onlay vs crown thing. That's what dentists are for and sometimes it changes at prep time - Brad

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