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Taking good photographs through microscope : microscopes
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From: Dr. Glenn A. van As
Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 2:44 PM
Subject: [roots] Taking good photographs through microscope

There are two Xmounts, one for the point and shoot and one for the SLR
adapters, they are not compatible.

Next off, with all the SLR cams you might as well get a ring flash for
the bottom of the scope as their isnt enough light otherwise and the
images get grainy.  That is how  you increase the depth of field, that
is how you decrease the noise and that is how to get good restorative
shots and some great endo shots if the access is wide open and not
through a crown.

As for a photography retreat, I am ok with it but I think it would have
to be done far in advance. I know that my schedule is booking in 2007
now if I can get across the damn border.

PS , here are some pics from today, edited slightly but not alot just
to show you what is obtainable with a Nikon D70, ringflash system.....
There are alot of tips to getting good photos and its a work in
progress always trying different things.  Getting good video is a WHOLE
other ballgame......I smile when some people make comments on scope
photography when they have never even used a microscope with a camera.
ITs completely different, then they want to argue with me that it isnt.
Taking good photographs through a microscope is one of the hardest
things that I have ever learned to do........there are so many issues
it is unbelievable......s

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