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Tougher than a lower second molar - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 10:10 PM
Subject: [roots] Hardest anatomy for me

I can't think of a root form that is tougher than a lower second 
molar like this. Vital case, however 2 visit case due to 
complexity/inability to get ideal result in time I had allocated 
for single visit - Mark Dreyer

Great case, great you ever worry about numbness on lower 7s if you puff..... I know I do. Its a very very nice case - Glenn Thanks, Glenn. Sure I worry about the proximity of IAN to these teeth, but I worry less than I used to being that I've done so many of them with only one temporary paresthesia, which was back in my cone/AH-26 days about 10 yrs ago. - Mark I like that Mark! Did you get any blockage with pulp stumps etc due to it being a vital case? - Bill Bill, I prefer liquid edta. Of course other than the concern for wax buildup, I suppose a product like rc prep would be ok also - Mark Mark, May be a silly question but what is the purple gel in the tooth? I see it more often but I donít use it, or it has to be gel acid - Rob Kroese Thank you Mark, I have never have used it and didnít know it as well. I try to convince the referring dentist that I am making a better buildup. But I will keep it in my mind - Rob Rob, When the referring doc isn't ok with me doing the buildup, I place orifice barriers with Ultra-dent purple Perma-flow - Mark Mark, Liquid EDTA not gel? I know EDTA should help break down the collagen plugs that we can get with vital cases. - Bill Bill, thanks, and no I didn't get a blockage. My routine is to have 17% edta in the canal when I'm first going for patency. Anecdotally I can tell you I seem to block myself out way less than if I have bleach in the canals - Mark And you squirted that thing? That is amazing apical control - gary Nice stuff Mark per usual. I did one about like that yesterday and didn'ít even know it until I did the fill and packed it. The measurements were short so I thought I had an easy one. Sometimes it is better to not know where the files are going. I think this is where the smaller diameter TFs shine 0.06 and 0.04 - Guy Dear Solly, May I ask why did you use the Munce Projectors here as I don't see any problem to do a pre-endontic buildup and working through it. Nice documentation, but I think the tooth has very poor prognosis - Thomas how do you do the build up without blocking out the canals,here I do a half hour soak while doing emergency and then at end start build-up I agree prognosis poor but I have many successful cracks still running after 5 years I think if it was my tooth I would take the chance and that's what I advise the patients chance to save difficult extraction,probable bone fill and implant - solly

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