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Mostly hand files

From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 7:11 PM
Subject: [roots] Mostly hand files

One of the tougher cases I've done in a while.

Rotaries only created a path for the use of the pre-curved hand files.
I spent about 10% of the shaping with rotary and 90% with hand files.

I hate that coke bottle look and may go back to the protaper Sx as an
orifice shaper since I can't predictably eliminate that ugly look typical of
the gg's.  I doubt it makes a clinical difference but it sure looks ugly.

BTW, this patient came from the office of a doc that does a bunch of Cerec
restorations.  The patient mentioned that this was a Cerec-she said she spent
3 hours in his office having it done.  Have they changedthe material
composition?   I was able to cut through this like butter-more like a
resin restoration than what I'm used to seeing with a Cerec. - Mark

Cerec now has a host of materials available for their use. On the treatment, you keep getting that kind of result, I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep over the look Not many could have accomplished that. Excellent. - gary You can buy resin blocks for the cerec - John R. Wilson, hi, Nice case. What were your final apical sizes? how did you obturate ? must have needed lots of time and patience. Thanks in advance.- Vimal I didn't measure the apical size on this case as I normally do. The final rotary taken "close to length" was a 30/.04 (if I recall correctly-away from the office now). Beyond that it was pre-curved 10, 15 and 20 hand files to patency. Yup, patience and a light touch. Also, not getting in a hurry to get patency. In these type cases, I figure out to what length my size 20 will go relatively passively, and then take my series of rotary files to this length. Then I go back and do the endo dance with hand files trying to get beyond that length to patency. Trying to get patency on canals like this early in the procedure prior to opening things up first in this manner is ten times harder. I use the obtura staight up to fill all my canals....sometimes known as System S, or Squirt , or Microstructural Replication - Mark Nice mesial negotiation there, Mark. - Jason

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