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Hyperemic pulp: Tooth #37

From: Venkat
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2010 6:31 PM
Subject: [roots] Difficult case

Patient complained of pain in relation to (cold and heat 
sensitivity)  upper premolars. On testing both were novital 
to EPT as well. But on  complete quadrants testing, i could 
reproduce the symptoms on lower  molars. #37 had mesial 
caries and that narrowed the search. As the symptoms were 
not severe I started with the intention to  remove caries 
and just fill. But ML orifice was exposed and the pulp 
was hyperemic.

I was feeling a split in the distal with the files, beyond 
the bend  but was not sure. The preop radigraphs were taken 
using Durr Vista scan   phosphor plate system. Two of my 
referrals use them and I really like the image quality. 
any Rooters have experience with this??

-  Venkat

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