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Progressive orthodontic seminars
Progressive orthodontics, Chennai India

Dear Doctors Reg: A Comprehensive orthodontic training programme from a leading American Dental Continuing Education Center - Now in India I am Ms.Vijaya Vasanth Progressive Orthodontic Seminars Coordinator from Chennai. Learn World Class Comprehensive Orthodontics from a Leading American Dental Continuing Education Center Internet Assisted Training Program, Chennai, India 2 Year Orthodontic Training Series Add Orthodontic skills to your practice with the most comprehensive orthodontic training series in the industry. You can feel confident that you are learning orthodontics at the highest level in the world with our Internet Assisted Training (IAT) program with 300 hours of self study and 12 days of live hands-on seminars. Over the past 27 years Progressive Orthodontics has established itself as the world’s #1 orthodontic training program. Register today and start adding orthodontics to your practice immediately! Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) ,world renowned orthodontic course is starting their 3rd batch in the middle of 2013. Click here for more information about the course For further information please send e mail to my mail id or you can contact me at 9840299875. Thanks. Regards Mrs Vijaya Vasanth Coordinator Mob: 91 98402 99875 Email: Website: Progressive orthodontic seminars
Progressive orthodontic seminars

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Weird Anatomy
Apical trifurcation
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Pulp floor sandblasting
Silver point removal
Difficult acute curve
Marked swelling
5 canaled premolar

Sealer overextension
Complex anatomy
Secondary caries
Zygomatic arch
Confluent mesials
LL 1st molar (#19)
Shaping vs Cleaning
First bicuspid
In Vivo mesial view
Inaccesible canals

Premolar 45
Ortho and implant
Lateral incisor
Churning irrigant
Cold lateral
Tipped to lingual
Acute pulpitis images

Middle distal canal
Silver point
Crown preparation
Epiphany healing
Weird anatomy
Dual Xenon
Looking for MB2
Upper molar resorption
Acute apical abcess
Finding MB2

Gingival inflammation
Irreversible pulpitis
AG BU ortho band
TF Files
using TF files
Broken bur
Warm technique
Restorative prognosis
Tooth # 20 and #30

Apical third
3 canal premolar
Severe curvature
Interesting anatomy
Chamber floor
Zirconia crown
Dycal matrix
Cracked tooth
Tooth structure loss
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