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Canals should have separate exit - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Craig Barrington
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2005 10:40 PM
Subject: [roots] i don't believe in MB3's

Got this one started on Wednesday

Troughing between the MB1 and MB2 will eliminate the MB2 and form into
just one big MB1. Which will make the MB3 the real MB2

In my mind a canal is not a true canal unless it has itís own separate exit
..otherwise it is just part of a complex labyrinth and all you find is another
route to the same exit which you form into a canal with the instruments..

For some reason I wish this terminology and/or factor would be recognized
before we get to finding MB25ís or something of the like.

Food for thought on a Saturday night- Craig

MB 25 fits well with the 56 blade Decapitator razor from Bob and Tom Industries! I want to see both! ;-) - Alan You are correct, but teeth are not well acquainted with the nomenclature we assign to their passageways for the purpose of professional discussion and orientation. Bottom line is, if you can explore it, it contains crud, and we need to instrument and remove crud from every opening we can penetrate. So if you donít like the nomenclature system, thatís fine, call them the cb2, the canal formerly known as the cb3, but clean them out anyway - Gary

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