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Incomplete Endo-Full Mouth Reconstruction

From: Terry Pannkuk To: ROOTS Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 11:09 AM Subject: [roots] Incomplete Endo-Full Mouth Reconstruction Continued from ....Complete Endo - Full Mouth Reconstruction This is the second tooth I had to place calcium hydroxide in before the patient left to go back East (#19). This case was actually started by an endodontist. The mesial extension of the access was terrible and he had told the patient that the mesial canals could not be negotiated. Simply extending the mesial wall so that direct line access could be achieved made cleaning and shaping the canals unremarkable. There was also a missed DB canal so I extended the outline to a rectangular form (which is typically necessary) and cleaned and shaped all four canals uneventfully. Her dentist removed the upper right crowns today and provisionalized her. There were no pulp exposures and she’s ready to leave on Tuesday; she’ll be coming back next month to continue on and finish the two teeth we started. The maxillary second molar with the MB root perf will be examined for any perio breakdown and to insure absence of symptoms before repairing with MTA and obturating. #19 has a good prognosis and completion of treatment is expected to be routine. - Terry Incomplete Endo-Full Mouth Reconstruction

Incomplete Endo-Full Mouth Reconstruction

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