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Einstein Implant abutment #30

From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2009 10:54 AM
Subject: [roots] Einstein Implant abutment #30

from the other 2nd yr resident.....Fred

I know that you have all seen this case already,
so I will try to keep the description short and sweet.

She was originally referred for retreatment of 29 and 31 before
completing a 4 unit bridge from 3rd molar to 2nd premolar.
After discussing tx options with patient, and then the GP,
"we" changed the plan to ext 32, implant 30 and
single crowns on 29 and 31.

Below are the photos taken from the 'loading' appointment.
We placed the sulcus former on the implant on the day of the
surgery 3 months ago.  After removing the abutment screw,
the morse taper kept the sulcus former securely in place.
I hit it with the ultrasonic, removed it easily, and torqued
in the final abutment to 25ncm.

I coordinated appointments with the GP so immediately after
placing the abutment, the patient walked down the hall,
had 29 and 31 prepared for crowns and then picked up all
three units in one impression.   I will send final pictures
when the crowns come back.   -  Buenas Noches,  Jared

I see I reacted a bit too soon and see that you are using the A and B abutment. Picture 2 lower right shows the beautiful gingival aspect Iím used too.- Drs. J.W.J. Spaargaren Fred - some very nice implant cases your residents are doing - bravo to you and to them! Your removal of the sulcus former after use of ultrasonic energy provokes me to ask you a question - have you guys ever had to remove an Ankylos abutment after it has been torqued down and if so how is that best done? - Craig Rhodes Haven't had to do it. - Fred Hello Craig, You can remove an abutment once it has been torqued. With standard abutments like the ones in these cases they are simply unscrewed. They are all one piece with no independent screw. With any other abutment the screw is loosened and the abutment can be removed some times with the assistance of a hemostat, or a root tip forcep. You can remove the abutments, sometimes it takes more persuasive instruments than just the hex tool. - Kurt H. Magnus

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