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Implant #30 (Ankylos 4.5 x 11m) - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 9:20 PM
Subject: [roots] Einstein impalnts

from 2nd yr resident....

Implant #30 (Ankylos 4.5 x 11m).
Good solid bone.
Implant placed 5 months after extraction.
Sulcus former placed. - Bilal

Thatíll work. - gary Fred, nice case! I see that you use socket preservation... what do you particuarily use and what is your protocol? Second question - what is the first bur you used as pilot bur? it is not Ankylos genuine... I wonder what it is, as i'm looking for something like that... Dmitri Fred, your residents are doing a fantastic job with the placement of those implants, the angulation is phenomenal, and the subcrestal positioning just perfect, awesome - Jose Fred: How wonderful that your grad students are learning this. I think it is GREAT Was a bone graft done. I am thinking of starting to place some posterior single implants , Is Misch really the only one course I should consider. Great result - Glenn Glenn, I offer a course that is opened to endodontist, general dentist, and periodontist. Consist of 4 days spread during 2 weekends. You will learn about extraction and bone grafting, the dynamics of different implants, patient selection, case selection, basic implant placement, anterior placement, premolar placement, sinus lift, split cortical ridge augmentation, how to read dental scans, how to do electronic surgery, communication with the referral, marketing skills, etc. let me know if I can help you with anything, take care - Jose
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