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Implant proximity- Courtesy ROOTS
The opinions within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts and images where they are. Photos courtesy: Bill Seddon

From: "Bill Seddon"
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 8:54 PM
Subject: [roots] Implant proximity

Implant has been in place here for 8 years.  An open contact has lead to
the decay on the molar.

All caries removed prior to the endo,  endo with Pro Taper and hand
files, irrigants,  hypo,  edta,  sterilox,  ethanol.

Core build up in GIC,  with the assistant helping greatly via monitor,
thanks John K,  she worked real hard with the Stropko and it was much
easier.  Assistant scope is next on the list of desirables.  I'm hoping
to borrow one for a few weeks soon.

Scheduled to see restorative doc for crown in a couple of weeks.

The implant looks pretty close to the surface of the root on some of the
films,  but at 8yrs is doing pretty well.  Lets hope for the same with
the endo. - Bill

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