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Incredible case

From: "Winfried Zeppenfeld"
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 4:18 AM
Subject: Michael Arnold case; was :Re: [roots] consult of the day:)

Michael gave me permission to post one of his incredible cases,
and I  suppose you may also come to the conclusion there is
witchcraft involved.......

He is a GP in Dresden, Germany, but spends most of his time doing endo
on a referral basis. - Winfried

very amazing work and great documentation ..:) - Reem S Oh Nooooo!!!! witchcraft indeed! - Kendel I feel so bab!! That´s impossible in my hands!! What a great case!! - Javier Pascual Arnold is not a human endodontist. he is an alien, and i have the proof:) enjoy (drawings are made by a young and talented Romanian dentist : Mihnea Cafadaru) - Sergiu

Does Arturo make exorcisations? it is not the file i am worried, the radix entomolaris cases that became so often in my office i am worried:) - Sergiu Amazing case, Thank you but i have one question , maybe if you send him: does he ever win in cases like this?:) Please thank him 1000x for sharing this witchcraft case - Sergiu Hi Sergiu, thank you for your compliment. This case was a rare case of course. However, the retrieval of fractured instruments is not the real problem. In last 5 years I left only one fractured instrument inside the root canal . I saw the patient for a follow up last year (see attachment). No perforation and complete root canal therapy was the outcome. From the 120 cases only one instrument left inside the canal. The problems surround the fractured instruments are much more difficult - Michael

Incredible case...any idea what technique(s) he used to remove the fractured instruments?? This is one of the most impressive file removals I can remember. - Tod miller Hi Todd, Michael presented this case earlier in a German newsgroup. When he assessed the case, he thought the big fragment should be retrievable, for the second he should have a chance, and the little thing he considered impossible. So this was planned to be a case to demonstrate you can do successful endo when you leave an instrument and make it part of the obturation. Then it turned out different. The first two could be removed the traditional way by ultrasonics, then he tried to bypass the little fragment with a prebent 06 file, hoping he might be able to get by. He found he could move the instrument around it and loosen it. Finally he was able to rinse it out - Winfried (Michael's German text is given below) Fragmententfernugen sind immer mal eine Herausforderung. Dieser Fall sollte eigentlich dazu herhalten, nachzuweisen, dass man in aussichtlosen Situationen auch mal eine Fragment in die Wurzelkanalfüllung einpacken kann, so wie das die Australier häufiger machen:-)) Das große Fragment zu entfernen, erschien aussichtsreich, das zweite nicht aussichtlos, das dritte aber hoffnungslos. Die ersten beiden Fragemnte ließen sich entfernen mit der bekannten Ultraschall-Technik. Das dritte in der zweiten Sitzung dann durch manuelles "umfahren", Reinigung und die Entfernung dann nur noch mit leicht druckbetonter Spülung. Awesome, bravo!- Nikita Nepali

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