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Inflammation in subgingival calculus

From: Lynne H. Slim To: periotherapist group Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 11:42 PM Subject: Re: [periotherapist] inflammation adjacent to subgingival calculus When you are using your endoscope, do you ALWAYS see inflammation adjacent to subgingival calculus? The preliminary study~ article from J Perio that we discussed~ showed more inflammation in the tissue when there was residual calculus~ do you see this every time or just some of the time? I have my own theory about why there's more inflammation adjacent to subg calculus but it might just be hogwash. - Lynne Lynne, Yes, there is always inflammation adj. To sub-g calculus. It's a whole world down there waiting to be explored. ;) - Judy Yes, Can you see the biofilm covering the calculus, too? - Lynne Biofilm is often impossible to see sans staining and magnification. Even if not covering all the calculus, it's there... inside and out. - Mike Rethman Yes I can see biofilm on the surface and can manipulate it easily, its the biofilm inside the calculus that is more organized I feel. Started filming a commercial today-tomorrow we are filming the procedure, need to get my head and heart into this.- Judy

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