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Infuse case

From: Jeffrey C. Hoos DMD
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2010 9:55 PM
Subject: Fwd: Beginnings of an Infuse case

Augmentation of a narrow ridge using Infuse....
BMP material - Jeffrey

Upper left molar split and told by previous dentist should be saved for bridge

Flaps to see the area and to clean the granulation tissue Note extent of flaps because primary closure will be necessary

Infuse that has to be folded over and previously tried in Blood is from the site

Closure with nonresorbable over the other membrane Sutures out in 2 weeks........Silk and gut used The excitement will be seeing the bone months down the road.. ..Jeffrey C Hose nice jeff. what amount of infuse did you use. that looked like a 1.7cc or greater chunk. that equates to very expensive. - gary Very nice job !! Did you use any titanium barrier to maintain the space to gain volume? I saw some cases from Dr. Sasha and he put a titanium mesh...... Here in Brasil we still don't have access to these material (Infuse). Which membrane or base you use to infuse the BMP? Regards Glen Carmo when i did training....they said no barrier.....the test will be 4 months and see bone ))) - C Hoos Infuse can generate bone in situ. Has been placed in rabbit muscle and generates bone. - gary
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